Strategy, Concept and Positioning

Batallure Beauty is uniquely able to create superior, world-renowned beauty brands.
First we develop an effective consumer-focused brand strategy and results-driven business model. Then we transform a brand’s identity into memorable, outstanding products in all segments of beauty, including fragrance, color cosmetics, hair care, skin care, body care and men’s grooming. Whether it’s a private label line for a retailer or a couture designer cosmetics line, our customized approach—from concept to consumer—sets Batallure Beauty apart. Our brand image development, package design and merchandising break new ground with each and every product we create.

Product Formulation

Batallure Beauty’s in-house product development team works with the world’s most renowned cosmetic chemists to innovate on every level, from texture to performance, in the fragrance, color cosmetics, hair care, skin care, body care and men’s grooming categories. We are dedicated to creating innovative formulations using state-of-the-art technology and proprietary cutting-edge ingredients.

Fragrance and Flavor Development

Batallure Beauty works with master perfumers worldwide and prestige fragrance and flavor houses all around the globe to customize
a truly compelling scent for your brand.

We understand the value of fragrance within each product category and create consumer olfactory experiences that are irresistible, satisfying and extraordinary.

Package Design

Batallure Beauty works with world-renowned package designers as well as our in-house team to design innovative, high quality packaging concepts. We can effectively translate a brand’s identity into distinctive and captivating beauty products while understanding and respecting brand codes.

Package Engineering and Development

Batallure Beauty’s package engineering team develops advanced technical drawings with state-of-the-art feasibility studies to investigate concepts with a high attention to detail.

We then create a package, utilizing innovative technologies as well as laboratory testing on components and products to ensure the end result can endure consumer usage and exceed expectations.


Batallure Beauty has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to select innovative and dependable component manufacturers globally. Through our long-term professional relationships, we identify the best supplier for each project’s needs to translate design into product at exceptional quality.


Batallure Beauty manages every aspect of the manufacturing process from concept to finished goods. Our strategic relationships give us the access to superior global facilities that produce the highest quality product.

Supply Chain

Batallure Beauty develops a fulfillment and replenishment plan for each project, overseeing forecasting and inventory to ensure retail relationships are maintained and business goals are achieved.